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Last Week MRF Action

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The CN seems to be running the MRF much more often than the twice per week the Missabe did, probably because of the extra business going to Mesabi Nugget. This has made it easier to catch. Last week I was able to catch three MRFs in two days, without much effort, just traveling to and from work and passing through Proctor.

Last Tuesday morning, I was passing through when the southbound came into the yard behind two of the SD40-2Ws. From the conversations on the radio, these units seem to be having their share of problems.

[G2:6378 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Later that day after school, I was surprised to hear the MRF getting a track warrant heading north. It should have been long gone, but I lucked out because of problems on the 5246 and I was able to intercept. It was a hot day, with my car thermometer hanging at 89F, but there was less haze to the north so I gave chase and got a shot at Birch. Was an interesting rollby as a loaded Keenan Coal train was pacing it on the BNSF Casco Sub. and arrived about 30 seconds later than the 674. No way to shoot the pace move, but was impressive to see in person. Also, was cool shooting the J unit leading Missabe ore cars which I haven't done yet.

[G2:6382 n=1 frame=none size=500]

The next day, the 674 was back in Proctor, and with two of the CN SD40-2Ws in the shop, IC 6252 was in trailing position on the northbound MRF. Again, less haze to the north so I headed up to near Alborn and caught them at Coleraine Jct.

[G2:6386 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Last night around 2000, the MRF went north behind the 674 and 409, so orange is still likely on the MRF.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI