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Last Weekend's BCOL Barns

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Besides the interesting Bessemer trio that continue to run around the Missabe, BCOL Draper Taper cowls have been regularly used out of Proctor in late 2012/early 2013.
Was on the way to do some shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve when I heard BCOL 4615 heading towards Proctor.  Here is the MRF at Munger:
Was out last Saturday when I heard BLE 904 told to clear at Coons for the Limestone.
Just made it up to Bear Trap Curve for a shot of the Limestone South.  Wanted to get a bit further north around the curve but the 11,000 hp on the empties had this U714 train flying:
After the shot, I put the blinders on and headed towards South Itasca as I heard CN 5408 getting permission to head south after its work.  Will talk about the couple of trains I caught on the WC over on Twin Ports Rail.
And the last shot with BCs is the BC Rail pair with the 5264 set the next day with the SD40-2W leading the limestone loads up the hill.
Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI