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Local Places of Interest

While monitoring your scanner you might hear the following places. Click the name to see a map of the location.

Adolph (Carson): North of Proctor on CN. Junction between the Superior Subdivision and Missabe Subdivision (see SL Junction).

Allouez: Former GN ore yard. Now BNSF's taconite facility. Located just west of Highway 2/53 near the ore docks. The only dock in service is No. 5, the silo loading facility (1977) fed by conveyor system.

Ambridge: Located on CN's Superior Subdivision. Former crossing of Soo Line and DM&IR with a connecting track from the Superior Sub to CP's Stinson Yard (CN Stinson Sub). Tie plant located here.

Bear Creek (Peyton): Small yard on CN's Superior Subdivision near South Itasca. Used for UP interchange. West leg of the wye.

Belknap Street: BNSF's primary engine facility in the Twin Ports. Located immediately north of the Belknap Street (Highway 2) overpass in Superior. Viewable from public access road on west side.

Boylston: Junction of BNSF Twin Cities line with line from Carlton.
Located south of Saunders (take County C west off of Highway 35).

BN Saunders: Southeast quadrant connection from CN Superior Subdivision to BNSF at Saunders. Used by UP Twin Cities trains.

Carlton (Chub Lake): Small town 20 miles west of Duluth. Junction of BNSF's Superior-Grand Forks (GN) and Carlton-Staples (NP) lines. On Highway 210. Site of ground-breaking for NP's transcontinental railroad with a historical sign at the west end of the yard.

Central Avenue: In Superior where former GN and NP lines meet.

Collingwood: CN (DM&IR) junction in Duluth that controls the route to the ore docks and Missabe Junction. Just east of 40th Avenue West.

Coons: Passing siding on CN (DM&IR) mainline north of Proctor.

Dock 6: CN's active ore dock Duluth. Located just west of Missabe Junction. Viewing platform between the two docks (Dock 5 inactive).

Grassy Point: BNSF (ex-NP) swing bridge located just west of the Highway 2 (Bong) highway bridge spanning St. Louis Bay. BNSF, UP and CP transfers use this bridge to reach Duluth. Viewable from bridge.

Itasca: Union Pacific (ex-C&NW) Superior facility and primary yard. Usually 4-6 units can be seen here. Roundhouse has been removed.

MERC: Midwest Energy Resources Corporation coal dock in Superior. North of Winter Street and BNSF's large Superior yard complex.

Milepost 6.6: CN (DM&IR) on Proctor Hill just south of Proctor Yard.

Milepost 15.9: Where BNSF double track from Superior converts to single track on the line to Carlton west of Boylston (on County C).

Milwaukee Connection: Southwest quadrant connection from CN's Superior Subdivision to BNSF's mainline at Saunders.

Missabe Junction: Located at 27th Avenue West in Duluth (just south of I-35 exit). Small CN (DM&IR) yard. Connection with BNSF.

M&J: Former crossing of GN/Soo just north of Saunders. CP trains to and from Stinson yard use this junction to gain trackage rights over BNSF to/from Bemidji and Minneapolis. Soo tower was located here.
Nopeming Junction: Junction between CN's Superior Subdivision (DM&IR) and Rainy Subdivision (DW&P) west of Duluth. At one time DW&P tracks crossed over Missabe rails at this location.

Old Town: Name for BNSF's transfer to Superior's East End. Handles switching of oil refinery and storage elevators in East End. Ex-NP track.

Parkland/EZ: Long CN sidings located south of the County E highway crossing just east of Superior. Large pulpwood loading facility located here. Also called EZ (for the junction of county roads E and Z).

Pokegama: Location of CN's Superior facilities. Built in 1984 when the DW&P closed their West Duluth facilities due to the extension of Interstate 35 through downtown Duluth. 5-10 units here on average.

Proctor: Primary CN (ex-DM&IR) ore yard and shop facilities located northwest of Duluth on Highway 2. Diesel house located at north end of yard (light repairs and servicing). Car shops located on west side of yard. Viewed nicely from the St. Louis River Road overpass north of the yard.

Rices Point (BNSF): Large BNSF (ex-NP) yard located just west of downtown Duluth. Usually four EMD switchers assigned here (in pairs).

Rices Point (CP): Small stub-end yard located just east of BNSF's large yard (east of Garfield Avenue). Used primarily for grain traffic.

Riverside Junction: Located in the Riverside neighborhood of Duluth along the St. Louis River. Junction of LS&M tourist line with former Duluth Transfer Railway. DTRy was a paper subsidiary of the NP and the line is now controlled by BNSF (unused between Riverside and Steelton).

Saunders: See page 11 for this location. The busiest location in the Twin Ports. South of Superior just west of Tower Avenue (Highway 35).

Sauntry: Passing siding on CN (former C&NW/WC) located just north of Solon Springs, WI. Hawthorne siding is between Sauntry and Superior.

SL Junction: At Adolph - location where CN's Superior Subdivision branches off from the Missabe Subdivision north of Proctor (basically the north leg of the wye). Proctor Junction is the west leg of the wye here.

Soo Saunders: Northwest quadrant connection from Superior Subdivision to BNSF mainline. Line runs from Saunders to M&J Junction.

South Itasca: Small UP yard located just north of County E road crossing. Former C&NW trackage. Wye located at north end of yard.

Steelton: On CN's Superior Subdivision southwest of downtown Duluth on Highway 23. Sight of the former USS Duluth Works steel plant. Yard is used for all-rail taconite train interchange with BNSF.

Stinson: Large CP yard located near the Superior airport. Usually two GP38-2s assigned for switching and road power lays over here.

17th Street (BNSF): Large yard located between Winter Street and 28th Street in Superior. Used for local CP and UP interchange as well as grain movements. This yard is also known as Belknap or the 60 Yard.

28th Street Yard (BNSF): Primary receiving and departure yard located just south of 28th Street in Superior. A bust of James J. Hill is at the entrance to the yard office parking lot. Usually yard engines assigned to both 17th Street and 28th Street are found here as well as coal trains waiting to dump at MERC. Yard power can be pairs of SW units as well as older SD9s and remote control SD40-2s and GP38-2s.

54th Street (BNSF): Location at the south end of 28th Street Yard. Start of CTC control for trains departing Superior from 28th Street Yard.