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Local railroads damaged by heavy rains

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Here are a few from Steelton Hill. I didn't see any blatant undercutting but the water had scoured the ballast away at numerous spots. There very well could have been worse spots elsewhere on the hill.
Trucks loaded with crushed rock from the quarry on Steelton Hill wait to dump at the yard. The rock was then loaded into the Herzog train and also hi-rail dump trucks for use both north and south of Steelton.
This ballast train was in the area prior to the floods and was put right to work on Steelton Hill. They were loading it at Steelton Yard with ballast brought down from the Ulland pit up the hill. 
Looking south off the NP bridge. While I didn't see any major undercutting of the tracks, these scouring areas were common along the hill.
Steelton Hill: Looking north at Becks Road.

The hillside at Becks Road gave way and moved down towards the tracks and displaced the signal.

I had to check out the St. Louis River, which upstream set an all time record crest.
The old NP "Shortline" grade that is now the Munger Trail also took a beating in Smithville.