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Massive Consist

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I was able to drive like a mad man after hearing the MRF call RTC wishing to depart Keenan with 11 units, four loads and 29 empties for Proctor. I figured it was worth a good chase. A quick message to Dave in case I didn't catch them and I was off.

I didn't see them until Kelsey but I did catch them. Disclaimer: No excited snowman in the shot though.
Next up it was down to Alborn to see and chat with Dave. After that, I headed for Culver as I wanted a shot of them in the slight curve there to show all the EMD goodness rolling south.

Thanks Dave for typing all the engine info!

Thanks for looking.

Todd M.
Eveleth, MN
(the snow stopped and the clouds are breaking-oh it's dark. Never mind).