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Massive Consist on the MRF

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Thanks to a timely heads up from our Emperor of the North (Missabefan) I was able to intercept the MRF today with a stunning 11-unit consist. My first shot was at Alborn where the train held the main for a meet with a Utac empty. As the Merf departed south I snapped a few shots and noticed that I wasn’t the only one stimulated by this power set – note the husband and wife snowman couple on the right (no doubt an earlier crew was tired of fighting the never-ending snow and decided to have some fun with it). I was able to shoot the train at numerous spots back to Proctor while Todd shot it on the north end through to the Culver curve to better show the units (I settled for the curve at Munger and Adolph).

For the record: Leading the train was CN GP40-2W 9544 followed by CN SD40-2W 5338, IC SD40-3 6262, B&LE SD40T-3 904, CN SD40-2W 5337, GTW SD40-2 5934, IC SD40-3 6263, B&LE SD40T-3 900, IC SD40-3 6264, DM&IR SD40-3 406 and CN SD40-2W 5287. Northeastern Minnesota is a great place for lovers of second generation EMD models and snow....

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN