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Missabe Tid-Bits

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1. The first 120 of the 700-car order for new cars should arrive next week. These cars are expected to have a mechanical dumping option like the old cars. Recall the 232 new cars on the property are only air-dump, which caused numerous issues last winter.

2. The veteran low side regulars that remain on the roster have been rotated out of the seasonal BFT service and are now being used in Minorca limestone moves out of Duluth until the weather turns cold.

3. It appears that six SD75Is will be coming to the Missabe and will be equipped with straight air for service on ore trains. Right now a bunch of different units are being used as fillers for the 6 units destroyed at Highland. Two are CN SD75Is, a pair of IC SD70s and the ex-C&NW GE mentioned earlier.

4. Three of the six units wrecked at Highland have been scrapped while three are being cut up. The ore cars are still awaiting the torch. Security remains on-site 24 hours a day. All crew have now been released form the hospitals. At least one and possibly two are not expected to return to work.

5. Proctor hopes to retain use of the air repeater car for Minntac limestone trains given very good results while testing it. CN wants it back for winter service on core trains so we will see what happens. Five of the six units in the Highland collision had the larger 6-cylinder air compressors, so that will hamper cold weather operations this fall unless they were able to salvage the compressors and can install in other units.

David Schauer
Duluth, MN