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Modern Reminders of the BN

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Not your traditional Flashback but still a bit of historical flair. It is hard to believe that we are fast approaching the 20thanniversary of the formation of Burlington Northern Santa Fe corporation (the company was formed in September 1995 but the two railroads weren’t officially merged until 1996). It seems like only yesterday that the two roads agreed to combine.

With the Twin Ports being a major player during the Burlington Northern years the memory of that fallen flag will live on for quite some time (as I’m sure the Santa Fe will in its former territory and beyond). Assisting in the remembrance is the large number of BN (and ATSF) freight cars still roaming the rails and also quite a few locomotives wearing Cascade Green. In Duluth there are a number of neat BN coal hoppers currently stored at Rices Point and I played with some different angles to capture the BN logos.

This next image is neat in that the locomotive is rolling past BN and Santa Fe boxcars symbolically and literally joined together and you can also see an ATSF and BN coal car on a nearby track. In a way the BNSF grain cars at the top of the frame and the engine on the bottom sandwich history with the logos of their parent roads adorning the cars in-between.  It is fun when a simple shot like this can evoke history.  

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN