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New Paint and a New Angle

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Was up early shooting a couple of BNSF trains when I heard CN 5264 get an authority south from the Range on Minorca Limestone empties early yesterday morning.  The crew was going to get to Alborn after a slow overnight trip to dump their 47 loads and since that number didn't ring a bell, a quick search of Flickr indicated the 5264 was a recent repaint.  The BNSF trains were nothing special with the Hibtac led by a GEVO and a KEEBIR with three Dash 9s so I headed to Alborn.

Around 0830 the relief crew arrived Alborn and I set up at the Cloquet River with a bit of a wait as a M347 heading north first.  Finally the 5264 rolled out on the bridge and looks pretty nice.

Unfortunately this crew was only good until 1000 so a meet with a stacker at Coons, a third relief crew would need to be brought out from Proctor pushing arrival their into high sun.

Has not been a good summer to photograph the Proctor Road Switch in the afternoon with how things usually time out with two jobs. Seems like the 0600 finishes around 1600-1700 down by the docks and the 1800 doesn't get going up the hill with enough daylight, but I was able to catch the 0600 heading down Proctor Hill Tuesday after it was delayed by signal problems.  Took advantage of the new bridge for a shot.

Was a new angle for me even though Shawn Christie got the northbound angle in the winter.  The southbound angle looks more open, but might be able to get some late afternoon northbound shots here too, if the trains cooperate.  With the 1800 call time of the other PRS, I haven't got one here yet.   Will be nice afternoon fall shots of trains heading out of Proctor.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI