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NSM Empties

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Was out last Sunday and figured the place to look for any early fall color would be north of Two Harbors.  CN was running a Minntac train off the Range with DMIR 400 leading so I headed up near Highland.  Didn't find much or any fall color and found the only clouds pretty much in the whole state of Minnesota.
So no good shots of the 400 with the clouds and no color.  But I did hear on the NSM channel of the 1204 being talked past a signal at 7W.  At first I figured it was the morning train heading back to Babbitt, but since it was the east facing 1204 and the detectors then going off at 6.5 and 2.2 I knew it was late running loads.
Headed over to Beaver Bay where their was some breaks in the clouds and 1201 called to leave SB at 1230 and passed the MP 5 cliffs at 1245.
This weekend should be better for color up there, with Saturday predicted to be rain and Sunday sunshine.  
Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI