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NSM GE Update

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Photo by Nick Smith -

Mel reports that the GEs NSM is leasing have not yet departed KC as of this morning but are in the process of being inspected by BNSF. Here is a shot of one of the three that NSM will be receiving for a 4-month test (as noted here previously on OreRail). NSM expects them to be on the property later this month. Numbers will be 1201, 1203 and 1204 (as they now sit at Mid-America Car). Not a bad paint scheme and it would be neat to see two on the point and one DP on the longer mainline trains. Given tight budgets and production cutbacks at Cliffs I doubt these are longer term players but who knows given the fact these have sat unused in KC for a long time and Citi might be interested in a very attractive lease.

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN