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NSSR Coal Empties

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With Saturday looking to be a stellar day I went out to shoot a gorgeous pair of Missabe diesels. It was nice to have #193 leading this time, as I shot #316 leading last year. After rendezvousing with the crew I leisurely drove north. After a few stops here they are starting to resume track speed at Palmers after receiving a good roll by:

From there I meandered down, figuring Lakewood Rd. would be the most open sun wise. As I pulled up, I could see them a couple miles down, and worked on finding a spot. Of course as soon as I went back to the car to get something to stand on, I hear the distinct P5 echoing through the woods.

From there I shot at Highway 61 then went on my quest to finally knock a shot off of my bucket list. You do not see alot of shots from this spot, but I immediately fell in love with it! First one shows the train beginning the main descent onto Lemon Drop Hill, which is deceiving. It looks as if the train is just dropping down the hill when in reality the majority of the train is already going downhill. The grade begins to around 40th Ave E. and goes down steadily until a decently steep upgrade portion which lasts around 1/4 of a mile, starting just before the line goes under London Road before it drops back down into the main grade of Lemon Drop.

Wider version. I like this one because it shows the freeway and how close the tracks really are:

From there it was on to my secret location. I love the way this shot makes it seem as if the train is cutting through a dense urban area. Milepost 1 is filled with hogbacks, a number of which are between Harbor Drive and the Skunk Track Switch, and I was very pleased with how the long string of coal cars showed the humps:

From there I shot with Dave at 27th and then went down to Lakehead. The BNSF power was already there waiting. I do like how one of their units has more HP than both of ours!

In the past the #316 has made numerous headaches for myself, Kale, Kent and the rest of the Mechanical Department (as any older engine will) BUT I am very pleased to say that the #316 has been running perfectly so far this winter. I ran a few of the trains up in December and I had no complaints whatsoever! 193 just went through its 92 day Inspection so she was working great as well.

Was a perfect day, with perfect engines performing perfectly.