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Peterson Mine - Bessemer, MI

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There is some discussion on the E&LS list about ore remnants being trucked to Sidnaw and shipped south to be used as pigment in paint. This has been going on for many years in small quantities from the Peterson Mine near Bessemer on the Gogebic Range (originally shipped from Bessemer on the Wisconsin & Michigan and then from the WC and CN north of town when the former Soo Line route from Mellen was torn up). I was curious if anyone knows if this is an old tailings pile they have been screening or if this was a large stockpile of ore from when the Peterson shut down in 1966?  Here is a view from Dean of the current workings.

With CN’s former DSS&A line north of Bessemer currently out-of-service the mine (operated by the Bessemer Iron Ore Company) is trucking the ore to the E&LS at Sidnaw. Here is a shot taken there last week.

Dave Schauer

Duluth, MN