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Proctor Power Play

R.T. Challenger's picture

Last night after delivering a Pokegama transfer into Proctor Yard, we parked our power over at the diesel shop which was full of power, more that I have seen in recent time. So here is a snapshot of what I saw.

DM&IR 403 IC62xx B&LE 909 heading down Proctor Hill with a dock train.
DM&IR 215 and CN 5318 on the E-Lead Switch.
At the shop.

DM&IR 211 still parked in the former Mallet Stall location.
Behind the shop, GTW 54xx still in grey KCS paint.

On the ready tracks in no particular order.
IC 6261 IC 6253 IC 1011
CN 8951 CN 5244 CN 5337 CN 5351 CN 6024 CN 2407 CN 2645 CN 5683 CN 5636 CN 5411 CN 5414
GTW 5937 5934

No idea what was inside the shop but I am guessing the DM&IR 212 was inside finally getting some attention to address the oil leaking issue it has.