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Proctor SD40 update

R.T. Challenger's picture

B&LE 909 is now part of a 4 pack of CN wide cab SD40-2 types running on transfer service out of Proctor Yard. The 909 replaced CN 5262 and now shares company with CN 5264, 5298 and 5303. They ran on a Proctor to Pokey transfer this morning and were heading back to Proctor with a 9900 ton transfer from Pokey shortly before lunch. 

Three pack BLEers, 903, 904 and 905 are back together after a short break up following some minor inspection work on one earlier this week. They were sitting near the yard office waiting their next assignment.

The PRS is hanging on to two CN painted IC 40s and rebuilt CN SD40-3s. 

The DM&IR 403 is still pig in the middle with the 402 on one end and 404 on the other. 

Other SD40 tyoes continue to float around working the MRF and other various CN locals to the border and back. Also at the shop was another NREX leaser coming back from NSM.

With the fresh snow today and a extreme code blue weekend predicted it might be a good time to get out and photograph those 2nd gen. workhorses.