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PRS and Code Blue

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This afternoon the clouds from yesterday's storm headed east (except those nice dark lake effect clouds over Lake Superior). Given it was a work Monday I couldn't do much with the weather (plus, it would be pretty darn hard to top the code blue Monday two weeks ago when I was able to score both Missabe 403 leading ore loads and the B&LE trio in action).

I did, however, happen to hear the 0600 PRS call to head for Dock 6 with loads this afternoon. I was able to get into position for a shot from the new bridge at MP 6.6 despite it not being finished yet and having to walk quite a ways from the nearest plowed road (what's the deal with the road not open yet, it was to be done by the end of October?). It was worth the hike though...four units with something for everyone (with the correct leader).

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society