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I uploaded some older digital images from 2005-07 of local train action I shot. Some of the photos were taken while I was on duty for CN and gives a insiders view most can't get unless one trespasses. Other shots I may have posted before but shows the variety and how much things have changed over the years and are worth showing again in my opinion.

I will just post links, descriptions are included with the photos.

Meet between a all-rail ore empty and the Superior to Northtown train.

Departing Nickerson. Many of these Oakway SD60s are now property of CN.

Superior to Northtown rolling through Askov MN.

SDMs at Pokegama Yard in Superior WI. They were used as yard power after CN tookover the Missabe.

Power at Pokegama Yard in Superior WI fall of 2005

Detroit Edison coal empties depart Superior and roll through M&J Junction. The Soo Line once had a diamond here to access the Brooten Line but it was removed later and replaced with a connection farther south at Saunders. Today that connection is gone much like the Oakway SD60s trailing the 9254. CN regulally uses the M&J Connection pictured to the left to access the BNSF yard from Pokegama Yard.

A BNSF train on one of the outgoing tracks at the south end of the 28th Street Yard in Superior WI. Photo was taken from the lead locomotive I was on as we arrived with interchange cars from Pokegama Yard. The 546 a Dash 8 40B is not a common model and even less common in the Twin Ports.

Fresh out of EMD's London Ont. facility, SD70M-2 8018 leads a empty all-rail train on the CN Superior Sub north of Stanberry WI.

The 205 rolls off the Cloquet River bridge at Burnett MN with a Minorca Limestone train.

A late afternoon MRF rolls through Culver MN. Note the old northbound ROW to the left from the old double track days.

SD40-3 412 leads a sister and SD38 roll south at Culver MN with a loaded train of pellets.

Ore empties head up Proctor Hill in West Duluth. Despite the well kept appearance of the 417 CN chose not to renew the lease and it was retired. The trailing units 869 and 301 stayed on a bit longer but were retired because they weren't considered a "standard model" on CN's roster.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN