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Saturday CP Bemidji Job Shots

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Thanks to the posts on TPR and clear skies in Superior, I headed for points west on early Saturday to intercept the CP. Clear skies gave way to clouds at Proctor and by Munger the Lake was spitting out some light lake effect snow with strong east winds. The flurries continued until about Brookston when I saw the clearing line to the west and kept driving.

My goal was to get as far west of Floodwood as there is a good morning "scene" shot there that would show the CP is clearly out of the Twin Ports yard and running on their Lakes Sub. trackage rights. I have always enjoyed chasing on the Lakes Sub. despite the high speeds and not too many shots besides trains flying through the woods. Guess that is a holdover from living out in McGregor/Tamarack when it was the second closest mainline from me.

Was full sun by Floodwood, but was a bit worried as the signals were dark there which meant the BNSF DS hadn't lined anything through. About 20 mins. later West Floodwood went red which meant was something was lined to Floodwood. I remembered I heard a Superior to Grand Forks running west on my way out and now it made sense that the DS was deciding where the meet was. About 15 mins. later, green over red appeared for an EB and shortly after 48 axle train tripped the detector just west of Floodwood.

[G2:10767 n=1 frame=none size=500]

The CP met the BNSF Grand Forks train at Brookston. Was a mix of nosy sun and clouds in downtown Brookston, so I headed to the Highway 2 bridge east of town and got sun there. This shot keeps growing and growing in so I went head on and let the motor drive find a spot where at least the nose was in sun.

[G2:10771 n=1 frame=none size=500]

East of Brookston, I was tempted to head to the Huson or rock cuts near Carlton, but heard a scratchy transmission that I thought might be three B&LEs on the Proctor Roadswitch. Wanting to check that out I headed for the quick shot east of Cloquet near Scanlon, which turned out well as it places the Bemidji train nicely in front of a landmark.

[G2:10775 n=1 frame=none size=500]

Nice talking to Shawn and Jamie if only for a moment. After saying bye to those guys I headed down to check on orange ore power.

Thanks again to those on the list here who have provided information and answered questions on these unique moves. Weekend runs are fine by me.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI