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Saturday Night Black & White - Soo 21st Street

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I had the honor of being a student of Twin Ports railroading under Wayne C. Olsen during my formative years at the LSRM. Wayne sold a number of his black and white images as 5 x 7" prints and I picked up a number of them. He shot far more B&W than color slides, as I found out when I did his all-color book for Morning Sun Books (Trackside Around Duluth 1957-1960).

[G2:8110 n=1 frame=none size=500]I always loved this shot taken of a Soo Line passenger train from what I suspect was a crossing signal at 21st Street in Superior. Wayne loved passenger trains and steam, but those paled in comparison for his affection of the Duluth-Superior Street Railway Company.

Thank you Wayne, for everything you did to stoke my historical fires, but more importantly for recording Twin Ports railroading during the steam-to-diesel transition.


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