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Saturday Night Special - BN Action

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A few BN images from the Kodachrome archives.

1. BN's F45s were rare power in the Twin Ports as they were kept pretty much on other primary mainlines. Just before they ended their careers on BN I happened to catch one leading train 128 towards Superior in September of 1986. I've always liked the look of these "cowls" and was thrilled to see one at State Line in action. This engine (delivered to BN in 1971) would retired in December that year.

2. A shot of BN train 835 crossing over the ex-GN bridge spanning the Nemadji River south of Boylston in April of 1988, 6 months before this bridge was shuttered in favor of the ex-Soo Line span just downriver. Note the unstable clay bank at the bottom of the shot - it was the south end of the bridge and the shifting grade approaching it that caused BN to abandon this crossing.

3. When BN farmed out rebuilding of its geeps in the early 1990s I was fortunate enough to catch a fresh one leading train 835 (today's M-SUPNTW) at Saunders, but it wasn't easy. I set up at the grade crossing just south of Saunders and as I waited for 835 wouldn't you know it but its counterpart 836 arrived and I feared I would be stabbed by the northbound. I could see the exhaust of 835's engines approaching over the top of 836 so I sprinted south of the crossing and turned around just in time to catch the caboose of 836 clearing a nice shiny 1594. Whew...

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN