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SD70M-2 Saturday

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Had a chance to get out for half a day around the Twin Ports with the CN busy with southbounds from the border. All three of the leaders I caught happened to be SD70M-2s.

First up is the M340 just out of Pokegama rolling under the BNSF and Highway 35 at Saunders. Once I heard the BNSF 4736 as leader of the MSUPNTW, I put that train out of my mind until I heard it approach as the 340 approached. Most times you think you will get the perfect over/under one train is too fast or too slow, but not this time. Will have to put this in the memory bank for the next time I get the hose.

Taking turns down the hill were three more southbounds coming down the Peg all with SD70M-2 leaders so I headed up towards the Harney/Munger area and caught the L568 rounding the bend.

Behind the L568 was a G852 oil train I caught along with Dave at Becks Road. Duplicating Dave's shot, but wanted to post as it fit the SD70M-2 theme.

Was a couple of more southbounds with 88/8900 leaders heading towards the Twin Ports, but a kindergarten birthday party in the afternoon meant this was all for the day for me.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI