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After a week of nice weather and temperatures in the fifties and sixties, Mother
Nature sensed our excitement for spring and pulled in the reins. So all of us in
northern Minnesota woke up this morning to snow. Lots of snow. And it snowed all
day. I went out to snap a few train photos just because.

Here is a T-Bird Dash 8 set in the snow on T-Bird assignment.

And a trio of SD40-3's coming down from Minntac with steam and snow everywhere.

The Keenan Switch had the GTW 6221 and Dash 8 2104 paired up but they were not
photogenic and spent the day at Minntac and the other T-Bird set was CN 5626 and
CN 2119.

Also for your records Wednesday WAS the ususal day for no T-Bird action due to
plant maintenance however starting next week the new day for no T-Birds will be
Thursday. United wants to test this day for a few weeks and see if it makes a
difference. If it's a good difference it will stick to Thursdays.

Take care,