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Some Cold and the Kelly Lake Local

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Figured I would share a few other shots from earlier this week when the temps. were cold(er) than it is now. It was nice to be able to get a few shots of the same train from both ends of the power as the crew went to wye it. Bonus was they did it while the sun was coming up. Even the security guard thought it looked pretty neat after he stopped and asked what the heck I was doing out there so early in the morning. 

Here a few others from that morning.

Later on in the week (Thursday) I had the opportunity to catch the Kelly Lake local make a stop and delivery of a single coal load to the Hibbing Public Utilities facility. 

Here a few others from that day:

Does anyone have any shots to share from when the HPU was a regular stop for coal deliveries and pick-ups? and who made those deliveries?

I remember when the Missabe delivered coal to the Virginia Publc Utility before they went to truck delivery and now bio-mass removing coal from the picture for the most part.

And here is one as they travel east towards Keenan along the Keenan Sub.

Thought the shot was different with the snow covered rail barely visible.

That's all for now.

Thanks for looking.

Todd M.
Eveleth, MN