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Some Evening Railfanning

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One good thing about the summer is the longer days allows for fanning after work or in the evening. 

I was able to take advantage of the nicer weather earlier in the week and shoot both the Missabe units on consecutive days (Sunday, Monday).

First up I headed up north of Proctor on Sunday night when the all day rain and clouds cleared. There were three CN northbound trains on the Missabe Sub. I was able to catch the last of them, the U715 limestone , but not before shooting the 215 at the St. Louis River Road bridge.

The next day I was able to shoot the other maroon Missabe engine, the 403.

After work on Monday I heard 403 get a warrant out of Highland on the TwinPorts scanner feed. 

With a free evening I decided to catch it up on the IR Sub. 

Here the 403 North curved into Biwabik.

Plenty of time to catch up with the 403 as they took the hole at Jones.

Got clouded out at S T-Bird and the Iron area before being clouded out again at Wolf, just barely because of a meet.

Finally got it sunny one last time a couple miles north of Wolf. 

One my way back south I did get a sunny shot at Wolf before heavy clouds forced me back south towards home. 

Caught a BNSF Ore train and a U719 at Alborn on the way home, but the Peach MAC and scuzzy SD40-2W were a disappointment in the fading light.

Kevin Madsen 
Superior, WI