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Some Twin Ports action

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Drove around yesterday in search of local rail action. Not much was happening in the morning but I was able to catch a couple of movements.

First off was a short CP transfer from Stinson to CP Rices Point. Soo candy apple red GP38-2 4450 moves under 27th Ave West in Duluth long hood forward with a handful of cars trailing.

The CN's former DM&IR/DWP/WC operations were busy but I choose to bypass them with the exception of shooting a light engine move going up Proctor Hill.

Over in Superior I drove by Calumet's new tank car loading facility off of Stinson Ave. (this was the former Murphy Oil operations). The former CP GP9 rebuild assigned here was busy spotting cars for loading. This operation is run under the Northern Plains Railroad name and recently looks as though they have completed more expansion in the tank car yard.

I heard coal empties call the BNSF 28th Yardmaster for permission to depart the Midwest Energy dock near Winter Street. So over there I went to LST&T Jct to wait. Also the SOO 4450 was calling Grassy Point Draw to come back from Duluth. In short order the empty rolled off the loop and over the diamond with SD70MAC 9780 and 9915 leading.

While the coal train rolled south the SOO 4450 stopped west of the diamond to wait for the coal empty to clear. Once clear the short transfer rolled by. 

It was during this time a white Dodge Dakota pick-up truck with CP marking drove by my location twice. Both times the driver rolled by my location slowly and gave me the ol' stink eye for taking photographs of the operations. Guess CP stood for something else yesterday and it wasn't "Company Pride". ;)