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Spring Fling

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I was able to get out a little this afternoon for lunch and was happy to hear two northbounds meeting a southbound ore train at Coons.

Before that I intercepted the 0600 PRS headed down to Duluth from Proctor with 57 empty limestone cars. Odd to see a single unit on this, but the ore set after it only had 3 units (maybe they put all four together in Duluth for the trip back up).

From there I went north to shoot the southbound Unitac load behind freshly washed B&LE 906. This unit sure helped brighten up the browns of spring.

At Coons the ore loads would meet a northbound MRF (Keenan version) and Minntac limestone load. Here the fast moving MRF rolled under Highway 33.

Following close behind were the limestone loads with a relatively clean ex-BNSF GE leading.

Not a bad intercept for a "long lunch" today.

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society