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Sunday Afternoon

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With fresh snow and a few hour window of sunshine in Superior I headed out in search of the Grand Rapids local today, never found it, judging by the power at Belknap it will be late today. So with the scanner on I headed to South Superior, got a coal load at Hwy 105 with a DPU facing the right way.

Next, I headed towards Saunders, heard someone tone the dispatcher got to West Saunders just in time for the warrant, track cleaners coming out of Allouez. So back towards town, saw the CN headed into town so I headed for the Nemadji River Trestle, the road was less plowed than it appeared, four wheel drive saved the day.

Back to Superior to check things out, one of the Hurricane's was working sixty yard. Watched them for 20 minutes or so, by then the cloud cover was resuming so I headed home. Here they are behind some of the storage buildings.

Managed to catch the jet engine at the ignition point, makes you wonder who thought of this in the first place.

Dan Mackey
Superior, WI