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Today's B&LE Trio

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Given Kent's report early this morning that the trio had headed north I took a "long breakfast" and went to intercept the loads on their way back. I was able to get all the way up to Mountain Iron where I met up with Todd and we shot the train coming off the hill (not much for steaming pellets today, but still great). We then shot at a few more locations.

The one shot I'll share is of the train southbound through the beautiful pines at Iron. This was before the conductor woke up and started his shenanigans (a stream of toilet paper out the window, opening and closing the cab door and calling us foamers over the radio). I had to get back to Duluth so I only followed him as far as Kelsey where Max took over and scored some great shots farther south (looks like the conductor had stopped his antics by the time they saw Max based on the shot I saw).

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society