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Today's NSSR coal mty moves.

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Today once again the LSRM moved 120+ empty coal cars back to the BNSF. With the Missabe Railroad Historical Society former Missabe SD-M 316 leading the LSRM's former Missabe SD18 193. I was first able to catch them just outside the Lakeside/Lester River neighborhood at 62nd Ave East. The SD's were properly position earlier this week when Mr. Mackey and help turned the 193 at Rices Point so it would be in the proper position the upcoming NSSR excursion season.

In town I wanted one shot towards the west end of the Lakeside Siding but was denied getting there thanks to the boys from North Shore Track Services blocking access to the road on the south side. So with little time to get to a location alternate l jumped back on London Rd to get the Lemon Drop Hill shot. The trees have popped nicely in-town close to the lake and the fresh green added to the shot.

One last shot shows some of the handwork by some of the LSRM's younger volunteers that went out and tagged... errr, re-lettered about 70 various DTTX cars with new SPSX lettering. The LSRM earned a few extra bucks per car doing this for the new owner.

They have two train-sets left to move and that will occur Thursday and Friday.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN