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A Trio of Ore Trains the Past Week

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Had the chance to get out and shoot a trio of ore trains along CN and Northshore Mining this week.  All trains were ore loads with trios of tunnel motors or SD40-2s.  Will share a shot from each train.
First up is the Bessemer Trio heading south from Fairlane through Munger.   This past week it seems as if the trio was on an ore load to Proctor each morning.
Later in the day, I had a few hours and was a nice sunny day for a drive so I headed to intercept the 403 which I heard on the Range Radio feed running from Minntac to Two Harbors.
On the way, I took the scenic route and got lucky to see the midday NSM loads.
And the main event the 403 heading south through Fairbanks.  With more Minntac production this winter heading through Proctor seems quieter on the Iron Range Sub. and this 403 run had an authority all the way from Allen to CTC Two Harbors Jct.


Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI