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Twin Ports 1st Gen Geep rebuilds.

R.T. Challenger's picture

Went out this afternoon railfanning, pretty quiet action-wise but I grabbed a few shots of some our local rebuilt Geeps running around. (okay, they were sitting)

The BNSF 1502 sports the new H3 "swoosh" scheme.

Calumet Refinery in Superior has two rebuilds (and large grey cards to mess with exposure). First off the more known NPR 1613 which is a former CP geep.

Their newest addition is a former IC GP10 MRIX 702 rebuild that faces the opposite way.

One more, bonus shot. Over at Fraser Shipyard the John Boland and Roger Blough slumber for the winter season as the Soo Locks officially closed last week. 

The GLF John Munson which was doing pellet shuttles between Marquette and Essar Steels plant at the Soo should be arriving soon to finish out the Twin Ports 2012 season. It will enter drydock behind the Boland.

Kent Rengo
Duluth, MN