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The Twin Ports Railfan and Railroading

By Kent Rengo

Want to learn more about railfanning the Twin Ports and how to get to your favorite railfan spot? Check out the locally produced and UPDATED, Twin Ports Railfan Guide. A very useful tool to have and it is produced by local railfans who know the area. New to the guide is a link to the most recent updates of our ever changing railroad scene in the Twin Ports.

Railfan Update at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum
[G2:954 n=1 size=150]Photo by Dave Schauer

The following pages shows you the views of the different railroads around Duluth, MN. and Superior, WI and selected sites from around the region from the 1980's until the present. This site has no affiliation and is not sponsored in any way by the major railroads in the region. It is done solely to showcase railroading at its most interesting aspects.

More photos from Kent Rengo on

All photos are on the following pages are taken by Kent Rengo unless other wise noted. Thanks go out to Scott Carney, Bob Gile, Dennis Holmes, Dan Mackey, Gordon Mott, Tim Schandel, Dave Schauer and Mike Schmidt (Basgen Photos) for the information they supplied to me.

Blasts from the past

We will cover all of the following railroads (past and present) in the Twin Ports and surrounding areas: