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Twin Ports week of 5-22-12

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It's been a very rainy week here in the Twin Ports, but I did manage a few shots. Went out early Monday evening, got a BNSF transfer to Duluth on the approach to Grassy Point.

They had to wait for a SOO transfer to Superior. Amazingly it had 4 SOO GP 38-2's all in the White(Grey) & Red scheme, low light but how long can scenes like this last? Got them at LST&T Jct.

followed them over to 21st Street, the site of their former roundhouse. It's a safe bet that all 4 of these units spent time here being serviced many years ago, now just a few disconnected tracks and concrete blocks remain.

Friday night I had a little time to get out, got this BNSF transfer from Duluth on its way into 28th Street Yard, once again with the 1528 leading.

With the last 4 shots, it's almost like a "Friday Flashback" given the SOO and BN paint schemes.

One last shot Friday of light power passing a switch job in the 17th Street yard.

Dan Mackey

Superior, WI