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Two Harbors stuff 7-19

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Even though the 403 and 215 are split up, at Two Harbors another power set, matched CN painted tunnel motors 407, 401 and 405 headed out of Two Harbors this morning. They look good and not too dirty but of course the 401 the cleanest of the bunch is the middle unit. I am guessing because it doesn't have air conditioning where the other two do. A matched set of black painted IC SD40-2s units are also working trains.

The 211 has been sent back to Proctor for some minor electrical repair work so the yard is currently being worked by the IC 6203 (no straight air) and IC 6255 on different jobs. B&LE 903 was the middle unit on a triple consist waiting to head out.

IC 2717 and CN 2227 (Dash 9 and a ES44) brought a train of new cars into Two Harbors but not in D.P. mode. Turns out there were a few bugs that cropped up when the crews attempted to link up the units so they were both placed on the head end.

In the commercial yard a long string of empty regular ore cars waited to head up to Minntac for BFT loading. And in the receiving yard the other string new cars were being dumped, with the pellets going straight to Dock 2. Their is a modest pile of Minorca pellets stockpiled waiting a boat.

Spotted on the R.I.P. track, two gons full of trucks. With a use of a mobile crane some quads and regular cars are getting trucks and wheelsets swapped out from cars that received new trucks down in Fond Du Lac.

Interlake Steamship's bulker Lee A Tregurtha (which is now propelled by a diesel engine) was taking on pellets from the ship loaded on dock 2 and departed before sunrise.