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Where Rail meets Sail

[G2:1143 n=1 size=150]Great Lakes Fleet vessel Roger Blough takes on taconite pellets at the BNSF's silo dock on Allouez Bay in Superior WI. April 1995.

Want to know more about shipping on the Great Lakes. An excellent source of vessel information can be found the following sites.

[G2:1156 n=1 size=150]The classic stern lines of the steamer Alpena are seen here as she unloads cement at the Inland Cement dock in Duluth Sept. 2001.

[G2:1148 n=1 size=150]Canada Steamship Lines vessel Halifax takes on a load of fuel at the Port Terminal in Duluth before finishing her journey over to the DMIR ore dock where she will take on a load of taconite pellets. Sept. 2001.

[G2:1128 n=1 size=150]Steamer Middletown enters the Duluth Harbor bound for the DMIR ore docks. To the left of the vessel is Duluth's famous lift bridge. Oct 2001.

[G2:1131 n=1 size=150]No large harbor is complete unless you have some tugboats running around. Here is the G-tug Minnesota assisting the Canadian Olympic to a dock at the Duluth Port Terminal. June 2001.

[G2:1125 n=1 size=150]The John Munson is departing DMIR dock #6 in West Duluth. She will travel empty to Two Harbors and take on a load of taconite pellets for the lower lakes. June 2000.

[G2:1140 n=1 size=150]The Reserve unloads coal at the Cutler Magner dock in Superior, WI. July 2001.

[G2:1159 n=1 size=150]The Edgar Speer await the OK to depart DMIR dock #2 in Two Harbors. She and her sister, the Edwin Gott are frequent visitors to this small but busy port on Minnesota's North Shore. May 2001.

[G2:1137 n=1 size=150]The Canadian Olympic is being assisted by two tugs, to a berth at the Duluth Port Terminal after being freed from her own stern anchor chain that was accidentally wrapped up in her propeller earlier that day. Though accident are few and far between today compared to 100 years ago, when a ship is involved in a incident, the shipping company loses 1000's of dollars in revenue a day when the ship is out of service. June 2001.

[G2:1113 n=1 size=150]One of the classic vessels of the Great Lakes, the Arthur M. Anderson is seen unloading limestone at DMIR's ore dock #6 in Duluth. Despite the addition of the self unloading boom she still retains much of her as built appearance from the 1950's. May 2001. Photo by Dave Schauer.

[G2:1116 n=1 size=150]The modern bulk carrier Nanticoke, owned by the Canada Steamship lines, is seen backed into the slip next to the DMIR's ore dock #6. Her self unloading boom is swung away to allow the pellet conveyer booms to load the ship unobstructed. July 2000.

[G2:1134 n=1 size=150]Elton Hoyt 2nd is seen departing the Cutler Magner limestone dock in Superior light, (empty) and heading elsewhere to load a cargo to be delivered down on the lower lakes. Due to the soft economy currently the Hoyt was not put back into service for the 2001 season and remains laid up at the Fraser Shipyard in Superior. June 2000.

[G2:1153 n=1 size=150]During the Spring and early Summer of 1998 the Coast Guard icebreaker Mackinaw underwent a refit at the Fraser Shipyard in Superior. During that time she was repainted from her original white colors to the current red that is applied to all large US Coast Guard icebreakers. She is seen here the day after being released from drydock. June 1998.

[G2:1110 n=1 size=150][G2:1145 n=1 size=150]The big news around the Twin Ports in 2001 was the transfer of the vintage vessel, J.B. Ford to Superior for use as an cement storage barge. The photo to the left show the Ford the night of her arrival in Superior, and the second photo shows the Alpena moored along the Ford discharging cement to the dock. June 2001.

[G2:1108 n=1 size=150]The Buckeye slides through the crushed ice of the Duluth Harbor on her way to the DMIR ore dock #6. Dec 2000.

[G2:1123 n=1 size=150]The Kinsman Independent is loaded down with a cargo of grain for the Lower Great Lakes. She is seen at the Great Northern Elevator in Superior WI. at dusk in June 2000.

[G2:1119 n=1 size=150]The Buffalo in drydock at Fraser Shipyard in Superior for a hull inspection after a minor grounding near Marquette MI. Dec 2000.

[G2:1106 n=1 size=150]The Fraser Shipyard in Superior WI plays host to a number of repair jobs on Great Lakes ships through out the year. Here we see the Windoc, owned by the Patterson Lines of Canada, in drydock undergoing a five year hull inspection. Sept. 2000

[G2:1121 n=1 size=150]A number of foreign flag ships enter the Twin Ports to take on cargos of grain, but once and a while one will come in to town with a cargo to be off loaded. Here's the Kasteelborg, unloading salt by overhead bridge crane at the CLM limestone dock in Superior WI. The bucket dumps the salt into a specially built hopper for loading semi trucks. Sept. 2000

[G2:1102 n=1 size=150]Another foreign ship, the Stellanova, unloads vessels for a new oil refinery project in Canada. These cylinders were shipped by rail out of the Twin Ports. Note the outriggers along side the ship to help keep it stable during off loading. Oct. 2000.

[G2:1097 n=1 size=150]The Sarah Spencer, an unusual pusher tug + barge( the tug is in the stern portion, barely visible above the deck) combination unloads grain by ship conveyor into Elevator A at Duluth. Dec 2000.

[G2:1151 n=1 size=150]The Canadian Mariner, a Canadian flag vessel loads grain at Elevator A in Duluth. Oct 2000

[G2:1100 n=1 size=150]The Canadian Leader gets ready to depart the Great Northern Elevator in Superior WI. on a nice Indian summer day in Oct. 2000

[G2:1370 n=1 size=150]During the recession of the 1980's a number of Great Lakes ships were idled do to the downturn in business. Here two vessels from the United States Steel fleet await, out in West Duluth, a call to action that will never come. By the time the economy was turning around these ships( built before WW 2) were to expensive to operate and remain competitive. They were scrapped by the 1990's Photo by Dan Mackey.

[G2:1104 n=1 size=150]The Reserve was the first ship to lay up at the end of the 2000 shipping season. She is seen here in the early morning light at Fraser Shipyard in Superior. Jan 2001.