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Twin Ports Railfan Guide

The Twin Ports Railfan Guide is published by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad. All proceeds from this guide go towards preserving the rich railroad heritage found in the Twin Ports. The Twin Ports Railfan Guide is currently out of print. A revised addition if this publication is planned for late 2009. Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime enjoy this online edition.
[G2:1519 n=1 frame=none size=300]To keep informed of developments in Twin Ports railroading join the LSRM and receive the quarterly publication "The Junction". Dues are $30 per year and can be sent to the museum at 506 W. Michigan Street, Duluth, MN 55802. Membership application at

Thanks to the following individuals for assistance with this Railfan guide: Kevin Madsen, Kent Rengo, Dan Mackey, Bob Blomquist, Doug Buell, Mike Burlaga, Chuck Corwin.
[G2:1480 n=1 size=640]One of the more unique bridges in the Twin Ports is the Oliver Bridge spanning the St. Louis River between Duluth and Oliver (trains on top, autos on the bottom). Here CN manifest train 340 crosses into Wisconsin. This photo spot is easily reached off Wisconsin Highway 105 in Oliver (take County W to Brooklyn Street). There is an open lot that allows good viewing of the bridge. Photo by David Schauer.