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It was bound to happen

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Everybody's new favorite DM&IR unit, the 212, in all it's CN glory is
now on the T-Bird rotation. Teamed up with the DM&IR 215, they were
running today as the 06:00 a.m. T-Bird with 94 cars.

01-18-09 T-Bird Red Leader
01-18-09 T-Bird Maroon Leader

The other T-Bird, calling RTC as the 06:30 T-Bird was a bit of a

01-18-09 Solo and liking it.

And the only pellet train I could find in the two hours I was out was
a DM&IR set of tunnel motors. The 409 and 400.

01-18-09 Where's the Train?

As you can see there was a mixture of clouds, some sun, and snow all
around. On the bright side it was also a nice +18 degrees out there

Thanks for looking!