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403 Leading today to TH

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The DM&IR 403 called at 10:45 a.m. for lights and a authority to depart Minntac off the West side. The RTC responded they could have their lights and he would get back to them for their numbers as he was swamped at the time. The chase was ON.

In position on the Highway 169 overpass in the nick of time, the 403 comes around the bend off Minntac property.

01-02-09 Presenting Maroon & Steam

The chase was then OFF as RTC was going to send the MRF ahead of the 403 but had to hold everyone at Iron Jct. because of the switch problem Doug stated. So the 403 hit the brakes at Iron Jct on the curve.

01-02-09 Waiting to see the light.

The maintainer showed up at Iron Jct. to look at the switches. They decided to send the 403 on it's way. Chase ON again.

01-02-09 That's Better

Then it was decided to chase the 403 farther. Finally got a shot of a steaming pellet train with a maroon leader on a sunny day in Biwabik. Not asking much is it??

01-02-09 Biwabik in Sun

Then an attempt was made to catch them at Aurora but it was not meant to be due to slow traffic and black ice. Made it the crossing in Aurora as the lights came on for the crossing. Someday.

Then the hairbrained idea was hatched to chase it to Hoyt Lakes. Figured an attempt was to be made at Allen Jct. Never been there before but the street sign said Allen Jct. How hard could it be? Got to Allen Jct. and looked at the crossing. Couldnt tell if they went by or not. Gave it a few and then then came into view. Actually saw the black smoke over the trees before I ever saw the train itself.

01-02-09 Allen Jct. with 403

Then the game winning shot was taken.


And enough was enough.

Thanks to my four year old son who rode "shot gun" for the trip. It was his idea to chase him farther. It only cost me a drink box and some goldfish crackers. No problem I said. Tough negotiator.

Thanks for looking!