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The Summers Steel Ore Car

The Summers Steel Car Company designed a number of steel cars in the early 1900s. Only their ore car was built in quantity, by Standard Steel Car under Summers’ patents. Commonly owned Duluth & Iron Range and Duluth, Missabe & Northern ordered 750 cars each in 1910. The D&IR cars were classed E-7 and numbered 10500-11249. The DM&N cars were classed U7 and numbered 16000-16749. SOO line ordered 200 nearly identical cars and numbered them 80000-80199. Delivered without safety appliances, the cars received them in the late ‘teens. The improvements included corner ladders and extra sill steps. In 1926 DM&N sold 150 cars to Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic. In 1937 D&IR and DM&N merged to into Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range. The DM&IR cars ran into the 1950s. The SOO and DSS&A cars ran into the 1970s. Our kits cover all the details and lettering to model the cars from delivery to scrapping. Each kit allows two cars to be built. The cars are HO scale, one-piece body resin kits, less trucks and couplers.

Stock No. Car Road Style List
11301 Summers ore car, D&IR/DM&IR all $55.00/2
11302 Summers ore car, DM&N all $55.00/2
11303 Summers ore car, MStP&SSteM/SOO all $55.00/2
11304 Summers ore car, DSS&A all $55.00/2

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