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Today's Cold Weather Notes

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Did not make it out today, but heard a few things on the scanner.

The 0730 PRS must have spent the morning relieving trains so it made its first trip down the hill at around 1300. Went light power to Missabe Jct. to pick up limestone. BLE 909 was the south leader and DM&IR 405 was the north leader.

Coming into Proctor was three ore loads today. Might be starting the pattern of last winter with more Minntac pellets coming to Duluth for Storage with Two Harbors filling up with Minorca winter pellets.

On the TH side, the 404 and 403 were ready to depart with Minntac empites at around 0900. They got their warrant, but could not move the train. They said the power was OK, but the train would still not budge. So the plan was made to reduce the train as they had to get them out of town. They were able to pull out of town with half a train (60 empties) after about a 2 hour delay. Would not be a smooth trip with even that train as the 403 had only 500 gallons and a fuel truck would have to meet them at Minntac.

The next train out of TH a couple of hours later had three engines. All "DM&IR" tunnel motors on this one. DMIR 400 which has spent the last couple of weeks out of Proctor was the north leader. DMIR 409 was the trailer. They had 108 empties and got them going around 1400.

On a side note, CN seems to be shifting power all over the place lately. No engines seem to be spending that long out of service as each dead one is sent back out (fixed or not?) very soon after repairs. Not sure how the ore car fleet is doing, but talked to one CN employee yesterday who said there are over 200 BO cars at Proctor so future cars that need repairs at sitting at Keenan for now.

Only the sound of crickets for ROC content on the BNSF. No Fairfields lately and no Hibbtac trains that I heard.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI