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Another Hour

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I had another interesting hour at Allen Jct this morning. About 0900 this morning I heard a pellet train having problems with one of his units - it didn't want to participate in the morning's activities of pulling loads south. It turns out that the crew was also short on time and had only 30 minutes left when they stalled while over the switch at Wyman. A northbound 409 was called to come up from Fairbanks and pull the cripple into the clear. I went out to see if the 403 was still the trailing unit with the 409. Below are a couple of shots from the activity with the temperature at -6.

[G2:1635 n=1 size=480][G2:1638 n=1 size=480][G2:1641 n=1 size=480]As I am working on this (1710) the 409S is stopping at Fairbanks with the crew tying the train down as they done on hours. The 404 is running ahead of the 409 with a new crew.