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New Year's Eve Missabe Report

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As the photographic evidence indicated I was along Proctor Hill yesterday for the 0730 PRS. Bout the same same shots as Dave.

Steamy Ore Cars at MP3

I had the afternoon free so a few hours later I headed up on Highway 61. The last maroon tunnel motor, the 403, has been put back on the point of a pellet set on the Iron Range Division. It leads half the time and is one of three sets so not easy to catch, but great having the chance of any maroon on the point of a pellet train. The 403 arrived Two Harbors leading on Tuesday afternoon. It trailed overnight so I was hoping it would be leading again on Wednesday afternoon. To make a long story, longer I heard the other two sets on the "road" after it arrived trailing so was pretty sure the next I/D out of TH might have it leading out of Two Harbors.

I departed the Twin Ports around 1230 and headed up the four lane. When traveling in NE Minnesota it is a good idea to keep the camera handy as you never know what wildlife may appear on the side of the road and a quick shot can be fun. I had the camera kind of ready but was not ready to see this on the side of the road. Still got a shot of though. A first for me.

Anytime is Plane Time

Upon arrival in TH, I heard a train performing a set and release on a train in the yard. Could it be that easy and the 403 would depart right as I arrive? Nope, but it was the 0700 TH Switch shoving to LP. Worth a shot of this hard to catch move especially with the 213 handling the chore LHF.

213 Shoving on Two

Was a nice catch and good seeing the 213 back in service although I have not seen the redone engineer side still. It ran back to the yard light power and then headed to switch another train deep in the yard.

With it now 1330 and the 213 gone, the scanner was quiet. That gave me time to grab lunch at Culver's and wait to see if anything materialized. I had plenty of time to eat my meal as the scanner stayed quiet until around 1445 and I was beginning to have my doubts.

Just about then the radio came to life and I heard "403, Set and Centered" as they were hanging FRED in the yard. Conditions were still good although there were clouds moving in from the south, but they were way off. After about 30 mins I became worried as the clouds were moving closer to the setting sun. We all know the feeling of sitting in full sun for hours, with the train almost waiting for the clouds to roll in. Finally the 403 North was on the move about 15 mins. before the clouds. Success at 1535 with the Minorca I/D on the Two Harbors Sub.

The Last of the 400s

Was an enjoyable run-by with the horn blaring for the scenic highway and the train rumbling across the Missabe steel bridge. A nice way to end 2008.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI