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DM&IR 215 Running on T-Bird

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The good news is DM&IR 215 was running on a T-Bird today, 2/28/09. Blue skies, cold temps. a strong wind, fresh (somewhat) snow, perfect.

St. Louis River Bridge in Winter
02-28-09  Maroon Leader
02-28-09 Still Running

Note the nice white bag reappearing on the nose. Just like the 210 a few weeks back.

The bad news was that was the ONLY maroon unit seen today. Not many trains either. Both CN freight or pellet/ore trains were slim pickings. Went approx. 3 hours with nothing coming or going on either the Peg or Missabe. The other T-Bird set was/is the 6260 and 6261. Sweet!!!! Never even pulled the camera out for that. Their excitment for the day was setting off the detector by Forbes with a dragging equipment alarm. Never heard a detector go off before. Different. I figured maybe one of the I.C. units just fell apart but that was not the case. They ended up setting out a car at Northgate Keenan and proceeding up to Largo. As I said pretty slow train traffic today and it's going to get worse with the mining slow downs coming.

Thanks for looking.