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Recent Power on the Range

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What was observed recently for power on the Range:

DM&IR 215 and I.C. 6254 = T-Bird

I.C. 6261 and I.C. 6260 = T-Bird

03-08-09 Oh Boy!

They seemed to be running all weekend. I heard 0600 T-Bird call and 1400 T-Bird. Also the readers are out at Iron so they have to call CN Customer Service when they leave Largo and Fairlane along with CN Lakes RTC.

I.C. 6017 and I.C. 6265 = Keenan Switch

03-06-09 Shiny Switch

B&LE 909 and I.C. 6253 = MRF

I.C. 6257 and DM&IR 402 and 212 = Minorca pellet train

03-08-09 Minorca Pellets

DM&IR 404 and ?,? = United pellet train. Just left United @ 2100

And a Minntac train bound for Proctor. I.C. 6262 and I.C. 6256

Keep in mind that Minorca will shut down for almost 4 months starting shortly and United will continue 32 hour weeks along with a maint. shut down of their own. Minntac is running only two lines out of five possible.

Thanks for looking!