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Today's MRF

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The Thursday MRF had a nice power line up today with maroon 403 and 215 leading IC 6255. Unfortunately the call time today was 1800 so by the time they left Proctor the sun was down and I was already down the hill so no pics. They had 11 cars and were going to pull into Keenan. I would imagine some of the power might be set out at Keenan but don't know which one(s).

There were two other maroon engines at Proctor today. The 308 is still the middle engine on the PRS set sandwiched between the 6263 and 405. They went down the hill with the 1530 PRS pulling a whooping 24 pellet loads. Sign of the times I guess.

Another sign of the times is the 210 sitting in front of the DH all week. It is in a decent spot for morning shots on the east side. Still has the straight air stuff and horn.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI