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6602/6607/6603/6606 Eastbound

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It just pulled up to 28th Street with the loads. These engines don't look all that new after a few trips. The rear two DP units have for sure lost their gloss and the front too aren't as new as the 6620/6619 that were just in town. Or maybe it was the dreary April weather. The test car on the head end does make it looks unique though.

Otherwise looks like a pretty normal ES44AC consist except two engines on each end.

There is one train that just started dumping and two more ahead of it in the yard, so IF they stay in order it will be third to dump at MERC. So that would put it heading to the coal dock in about 12 hours early tomorrow morning (0600?). Figure about 3-4 hours to unload. They sometimes skip around in order, but usually don't. Don't know if the test car might make them want to get it back out west earlier.

Kevin Madsen
Superior, WI