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BNSF Minorca Pellet Run

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I'm not sure if this represents the first ever "ore train" that BNSF has loaded from Minorca, but this past Tuesday a CN engineer pilot took a BNSF ore train from Keenan to Minorca for loading. It loaded around 13:00 with roughly 90 pellet cars. The mine had tested loading a handful of BNSF pellet cars a year or so ago when the contract with CN was being negotiated, but nothing ever came of it. Not sure whatthe BNSF symbol was or exact car count. A rare move nonetheless.

Update: It looks like they reduced a regular BRMALL (Hibtac) train from 180 cars to 123, added a fourth unit (to the rear DP) for a 2-2 DP combo and ran it to Minorca to load. The loaded train was the U-MINALL1-31A. Power was BNSF 6199 and 6050 on the point and 9712 and 5965 on the rear. Symbol would indicate it went to Allouez. It was empty past Boylston at 02:22 Tuesday morning and back loaded at 19:34 (would need two crews for this - don't know how BNSF can make it work).

Dave Schauer
Missabe Railroad Historical Society
Publications Chair
Duluth, MN