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Twin Ports Saturday

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Spurred by the reports of the C4's in town I went out with a few others in search of the train. Started out with an empty coal train from the range headed down the Hinckley Sub.

On the way back the clouds rolled in but went after a loaded train out at "vets crossing" aka Mertes Road. A pair of 70 MAC's, Dave gets sucker holes, I get sucker clouds that only block the light on the train.

Down to the dock where we met Mr. Missabe waiting for the train.

Now the chase was kinda on, the Rapids turn was ready to go while the coal empties had to add a loco to the consist. We went to M & J Junction, what disappointing little signs they put up last year.

Off to Carlton.

Flats with Heavy Equipment for the Enbridge Pipeline project on their way to Deer River

Then the coal empties at the far end of Carlton Yard, I think there are as many swamp mats here as there is pulp wood.

Dan Mackey
Superior, WI