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Range Update

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Posted a few shots on Flickr of things that have been going on within the friendly confines of the Iron Range. Some good (DM&IR 215) some bad (DM&IR 308) and some so-so (T-Birds and ore trains). Sorry, no snow shots (damn happy to have one job got in the way during the last storm).

04-05-09 U-793
Loads from Minorca bound for Two Harbors courtesy of DM&IR 409 and DM&IR 404.

04-05-09 T-Bird Meet
Birds meeting at Largo.

04-05-09 Keenan Switch
Keenan Switch returns from Shelton Jct. thru Iron Jct.

04-05-09 T-Bird
One of only three maroons left on the former Missabe.

04-05-09 T-Bird
B&LE 903 leading a T-Bird.

04-05-09 Retired SD-M 308
Retired SD-M 308, stripped of useful parts, waiting for a ride south.

04-05-09 DM&IR 308
Retired DM&IR 308 sits at Shelton Jct. with I.C. 6017. The 308 has been stripped
of parts but still has a little sticker on her saying she was a SD-18.

04-05-09 DM&IR 308
Retired DM&IR 308 in the morning sun at Shelton Jct.

03-29-09 Coal Drag
The Keenan Switch pulls forty loads of coal down the Iron Range Sub heading
for the Laskin Energy facility near Hoyt Lakes, MN.

03-29-09 North Virginia
DM&IR 400/404/212 lead loads from Minorca along Highway 53 and down
the CN Rainy Sub. north of the former DWP yard near Virginia, MN

03-29-09 U-793 at Ramshaw
An empty Minorca bound pellet train is about to bounce over the Ramshaw
diamond as they head back north on the Iron Range Sub.

Also thrown in is a chase of an empty coal train from Keenan thru Hibbing and down to Anderson Road south of Hibbing. Thanks to Chuck (this car CAN go four wheeling) Corwin for his guidance in and around west Hibbing and Kelly Lake. I never thought I would have seen a Caprice Classic airborn!!

04-05-09 Keenan bound light power
A BNSF crew arrives at Keenan light power to retrive 140 empty coal hoppers
delivered full 7 days earlier.

04-05-09 BNSF under the Mitchell Bridge
BNSF 9887 clears Emmert and under the Mitchell bridge east of Hibbing, MN

04-05-09 Trains and Automobiles
A BNSF coal train blows the horn for a few motorists crossing the tracks.

04-05-09 BNSF 9887 at Hibbing
A BNSF coal train from Keenan rumbles through Hibbing with 140 empties past
the former depot.

04-05-09 BNSF and junk.
BNSF 9887 passes a junk yard in west Hibbing, MN.

04-05-09 Kerr
An empty coal train thru Kerr location west of Hibbing, MN

04-05-09 Crawling thru Kelly Lake
An empty BNSF coal train from Keenan Yard continues it's journey southward
rounding the bend and entering the yard at Kelly Lake, MN.

04-05-09 Leaving Kelly Lake
A BNSF coal train with 140 empties rounds the bend leaving the yard and mine
dumps at Kelly Lake, MN.