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A good Good Friday in the Ports

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Having the day off, I took advantage of the sun today. Got the Rapids turn before church today at M&J, quite the colorful consist.

Back out in the afternoon, as soon as I hit the road this empty was leaving Pokey for Steelton Yard. This train started over in Duluth and would be back there shortly after this shot.

On the way back to Superior a coal load came into town on the Coal Runner, didn't give it much thought until they called the utility crew to remove the DPU units, turns out it was the ES44C4 set that was here last week. While they were removing the units I swung by the Engine Terminal for this shot of a pair of geeps.

Over to Winter street for a backlit shot of the C4's

Right behind the coal loads were the DPU units, they were headed over for servicing. Maybe they will get put back to back before they get put back on the train, which will more than likely leave town after dark tonight.

Back over to the Engine Terminal for this shot of three different BNSF paint schemes.

And the final shot for the night of the 6907 headed back to the yard.

Dan Mackey
Superior, WI